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Latest News:

  • 10.05.2016: At the 5th May 2016, the microwave radiometer RPG HATPRO G4 was successfully installed on the roof of the Institute of the Optoelectronics, at the MUT.

    We would like to thank to Ryszard Chmielewski from the Institute of Building, and to the Krzysztof Kopczyński and Jacek Wojtanowski from the Institute of the Optoelectronics, for their help during finalization of this part of project. Read the whole note.

  • 30.03.2016: At the end of 2015 we finished the project: Development of Satellite Observatory of Centre of Applied Geomatics at Military University of Technology. Please read more information (link)

  • 14.03.2016: We participated in COST ES1206 Workshop with 2 oral and 1 poster presentations. 

  • 22.02.2016: We participated in ITM ION with 2 oral presentations. 

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52º 15' 13.7860"  North
20º 54' 13.8105"  East
152.191 m  Height


52º 15' 13.7110"  North
20º 54' 13.7108"  East
151.652 m  Height

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